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QT Joshua 8:1-9

July 27, 2016

So what I’m seeing today is how now God is allowing the Israelites to take things from the plunder, unlike from Jericho. Israelites suffered because God told them not to take plunder from Jericho, but one of them did, but now God tells them it’s okay to take plunder from Ai. This makes me think the importance is in His story, and Israelites doing what He commands. God could have just as well allowed Israelites to take plunder from Jericho too, but He was training Israelites, seeing how well they follow His commands, so that He could use them for His glory. And yet, He recognizes the desire for the plunders in Israelites, and allows it this time.

How well am I following His commands. I want to hear commands about specific things in my life like Joshua did, but the commands in the bible are not about specific situations in my life, but general. To love God, and to love others. Very simple and clear, and very easy, yet very difficult to do. It’s easy if I just let go of myself, but difficult because it’s so hard to let go of myself, exposing myself to abuse from others. But that’s what God commands. Do I want to conquer Ai following His commands, or do I want to defeated looking out for myself.

Application: read bible for 15 minutes, pray for 15 minutes