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QT Joshua 7:10-18

July 25, 2016

One person’s sin will have an effect on the whole. Because Archan sinned by stealing what was supposed to be devoted. This leads to defeat of Israelites in Ai. There is no hiding sin from God. I know a lot of my sins, but God knows some of my sins that I’m not even aware. It’s a tough fight, and one I cannot possibly win on my own. So, I need to repent, and rely on the grace of Jesus. One of the guest pastors in the past said that you haven’t truly repented a sin if you continue to sin. It makes sense, but it’s very dooming, because it may not be possible in all cases. And even this very idea seems to rely on a person's ability to repent. I don’t seem to have that perfect ability to repent in a way that I never go back to it. I just seem to end up forgetting, and repeating, and everybody I know seems to be doing the same. Grace is the only way to be saved, through faith in Jesus. Anything else I do is simply for helping my faith in Jesus.

Application: pray for 15 minutes, read for 15 minutes