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QT Joshua 1:10-18

The Israelites roamed and waited 40 years to enter the promised land. They didn't all wait patiently and gracefully. They complained and complained. Not everyone makes it, as many died of old age during the 40 years, including Moses. Moses and Aaron never makes it due to disobedience. They were probably no more disobedient than others, but they stood in roles of leadership.

Can I wait 40 years in patience and grace? No, probably impossible. But what choice do I have if God would command me so directly. But God does not speak so directly to me as HE did to Moses. I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me. And I understand God's vision for all of us, to love Him, and to love one another, but what I really need to know is do I stay or do I go. I really don't know. God, please guide me as you always have, and don't let me ignore it.

Application: read Joshua, pray for 15 minutes at 7pm