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QT Matthew 26:69-75

March 21, 2016

Peter denies Jesus three times before the rooster crowed just like Jesus said he would, then Peter went outside and cries.

Yesterday was a really tough Sunday. From the starting the day, I was just not feeling it. Everything was just difficult for no reason. I was in a dangerous place in my mind. I compared. I judged. I forgot the sacrifice and the grace I received, and complained in my heart about the sacrifice I was making. I don’t literally have to deny Jesus to deny Jesus. The way I was thinking yesterday is same as denying Jesus. And then as my pastor preached the Word, I saw my sins, and who paid for all of it, and who keeps paying for all of it, and what I’ve been called to do, and why. It amazingly bad how easily I forget these such important things. I could say that I’ve never denied Jesus after I accepted Jesus in my life, and technically, I have never denied Jesus the way Peter did, but I’ve also never been put in truly oppressive situations, but in reality, I deny Jesus countless times every day. Every time I sin in one way or another whether in my actions or thoughts, I’m denying Jesus. The wonderful thing is that Jesus knew all of this, and that is the exact reason HE did what HE did, and like for Peter and for me, HE even continues to give life in Jesus after it all.

On a side note, I think it’s important to not set my QT applications too high. If i set it too high, and don’t complete it, it makes it things a bit more difficult the next day it seems.

Application: make sure the last thing I’m doing each night before going to sleep is reading the bible, not games