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QT Matthew 26:47-56

March 19, 2016

Judas betrays Jesus in today’s QT, and the disciples abandon Jesus. All of this was God’s will, and Jesus does not resist, and even stops his disciples from resisting.

Most of my life has been a trial and error. Sadly, it seems to be the only way I learn. I’ve never really taken “advice” from anyone and don’t even really give “advice” because if they’re anything like me, they won’t know until life hits them smack in the face anyways, or maybe they’ll find a different way on their own. Who knows? I have much more respect for the Word however, because it speaks with authority. It does offer advice sometimes, but most of the time, it just states things to be the truth and the definitive way with absolute authority and certainty. And I’ve yet to find any of these truths to be not true. However, there’s no clear guide or map as to applying these truths to my daily life. I’m still kind of just on my own to trial and error things out as I go with the Holy Spirit. I wonder if this is better or worse that what Jesus had, knowing the future and what must take place. I guess it some ways, my situation is not all the different from Jesus. I too know some things about the future. I know that I will die someday, and that I will go to heaven. It’s just the different paths in which I get there in the end that is still up for trial and error. My future is so much brighter thanks to Jesus’s suffering. What will I try today?

Application: read the bible for an hour before going to sleep