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QT Matthew 23:1-12

March 5, 2016

In today’s QT, Jesus says to practice what you preach. The word “practice” inherently means that things that are being practiced is a work in progress, always improving, always with rooms to improve. Jesus isn’t telling me to do it perfectly the first-time, every-time. He’s telling me to practice it. Practice is also usually for something, usually for some kind of performance at the end. I wonder if the practice is for the after-life, but it’s also for day-to-day life. Like the QT applications, is a practice. The most important practice is really to get into the habit of consistently eating his Word, praying, and QT. I’m been at them for quite a while, yet, though some things have gotten easier, it’s still quite a battle.

Application: read at least 1 chapter before going to sleep, pray right now