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QT Matthew 21:23-32

February 28, 2016

Today’s parable is very confusing to me. I don’t know exactly how the sons saying yes, and not doing it, and no and doing it, relates to John and Jesus, John, coming to show way of rightness, and pharisees not believing him, and Jesus, coming drinking and such, and pharisees also not believing him. Is the parable just meant to say that pharisees don’t believe anything? But why the son who says yes, and doesn’t do it, and says no, then does do it? Which is better? Pharisees think that the son who said no, but did it anyways is the better one. They are right, but the pharisees are the sons who says they’ll do it, but not do it in reality. The tax collectors are prostitutes are the sons who says they won’t do it, but do it.

Am I living a life of true worship? How much do my situations affect me? They affect me physically, and there’s is nothing I can do about that, but should they affect me spiritually? Are my actions in the end actions of true worship? I’ve encountered a sad situation last week, and it’s been a burden on me for like a week. I’ve come to let it go, and let God, but it’s also one of the reasons why this is my first QT in like 6 days.

Some things that were unclear are becoming more clear though. In the end though, God will take me down the best path.

Application: read 3 chapters, pray 15 minutes before going to sleep