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QT Matthew 17:14-27

February 17, 2016

Peter speaks too soon too quickly without thinking and without even asking Jesus. Yet, Jesus knows all that has happened, and takes care of it in a way that does not put any stumbling blocks for anyone.

The disciples today are following Jesus for their own objectives. They were filled with grief when Jesus told them what will happen to them. Their faith is for their own. Today’s QT reflection asks who or what is the true object of my faith. The answer is Jesus, but the question also makes me wonder what is the objective of my faith if there can be such a thing. Sure, it’s to save souls, but why? To earn salvation? Because I am commanded to by God? Because I want to? Earning salvation is a no. Can’t earn what’s freely given. I am commanded, but I don’t have to in the end. Sure I want to, but why? Perhaps it’s because I want to be with God. Perhaps it’s not so different from yesterday’s QT when Peter just wanted to build houses up on the mountain and stay with God forever.

Application: live today thinking about why it is that I do anything that I do, read 3 chapters before going to sleep