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QT Matthew 16:13-28

February 15, 2016

I can’t help but notice the stark contrast between Peter in verses 17-18 and Peter in 21-24. In 17-18, Peter professes Jesus to be Christ, and Jesus make him the foundation rock for His church, and on verses 21-24, because Jesus said he must die, Peter rebukes Jesus, and then in turn, Jesus calls Peter Satan. It’s kind of funny and sad the state Peter is in. It would appear as though Peter is in good state as a close and loved disciple of Jesus, yet he is so lacking. He only sees Jesus as a savior for his own agenda. That, his own agenda, I think, is yeast from yesterday’s QT. There is God’s agenda, and that’s the gospel, pure and flat true bread of life. Then there is people’s, or my own agendas, that is like yeast that gets inside the gospel, turning it into something else. As a physical human being, there is going to bias in whatever I do, or think, or say. It is impossible for me to be righteous enough that there isn’t any yeast what so ever. What’s important is to keep these yeasts in check, and make sure the bread is not ruined by it, and make sure to not to eat the world’s yeast.

Application: read 3 chapters, pray 10 minutes at 10am.