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QT Matthew 14:1-12

February 8, 2016

In today’s QT, King Herod kills John the Baptist. It must have bothered Herodias so much that John was pointing out the unlawful nature of Herodias and Herod that she uses her daughter’s dance on Herod’s birthday to gain a wish, and uses that wish to get rid of John who was speaking the truth. Of course, Herod didn’t have to abide by it, but he didn’t want to lose face, and he also didn’t like John to begin with, so even though he was troubled at the request, he grants it.

John on the other hand is simply speaking the truth, trying to help Herod towards doing the right things, but he is killed instead of being praised.

I don’t know what to think of today’s QT. On one hand, it seems speaking the truth is necessary, but it also seems to unwise at times as no one likes to be told something they don’t want to hear. Only those people who are ready and humble enough to hear it, can even make any sense of it anyhow. So, what do you do in situations like that? Some say say nothing as it can do more harm than good, but John in today’s QT clearly went ahead and said it, and he got killed for it. Perhaps, it’s best to say nothing if I can’t say it without any self-interest. I don’t know.

Application: read 5 chapters and pray 15 minutes right now