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QT Matthew 11:20-30

January 31, 2016

In today’s QT, Jesus rebukes Koran, Bethsaida, and Capernaum, the places where Jesus performed miracles, claiming that cities worse than them, had they seen the miracles like these cities did, they would be repenting.

In today’s terms, having witnessed miracles puts us in the same position. It may or may not be water turning into wine, or the dead rising, blind seeing, and deaf hearing with a touch of hand, but personally, it's just everything that exists, the life that I've been given, the air that I can breath, the dangers I've been protected from, the hardships turned around, the people changing from inside out, the eyes of see it all, and the list goes on and the grace of it all. If you see it, if you’ve seen it, then you know it, then we’re in the same position as these places in today’s QT, and it's not easy. It's grace we are a witness, but at the same time, we become responsible to repent. To turn back from my own ways, and to turn to God. Without God, it would seem my way is the only way, and the best way, but it only leads to despair and death. Jesus is here, showing me the way, being the way, leading me to life, and being the life.

Application: pray 15 minutes in repentance at 11am