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QT Matthew 7:13-29

January 20, 2016

Today's qt makes me wonder what kind of fruits I'm bearing if any, and whether or not if I'm walking through the narrow gate, or the wide gate. What do good fruits look like? I think the simplest way to put it are hearts and actions that are valuable in and for the kingdom of God. And the bad fruits would be the hearts and actions that chip away at the kingdom of God.

One might have the hearts, but no actions, and another might have actions, but no heart. Neither of these are good fruits.

There are two ways look at the same thing, and nothing is ever really absolute except for the path to salvation through Jesus. Anything and everything else kind of depends on the situations, and you just have to rely on the holy spirit to guide you. So in the end, it's just really important to be full of holy spirit, and just be as awake as possible.

Application: handwrite a chapter of the bible