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QT Matthew 6:25-34

January 18, 2016

Today’s QT is basically telling me not to worry, but simply seek first his kingdom and his righteousness. Today, I’m started the day with 10 minutes of prayer based on the sermon yesterday, and I plan to do this on days from now on forward on days we don’t have morning prayer together. And now I’m doing QT, and this is before all the work I have to do to rest of the day, which I’ve been pushing off as some of things are a bit overwhelming. One of which is producing a 2015 report and analysis of my business, and then based on that coming up with strategy and plan for 2016, for me, and for my shareholders. Then, there’s the videos to edit. These are the two big things I have to get done as soon as possible, but as important and urgent and these things are, they’re nothing compared to His kingdom. Tomorrow, morning prayer start again, and I so look forward its hardship.

Application: read Amos throughout the day, work on 2015 report