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QT Proverbs 24:27

November 30, 2015

Finish your outdoor work and get your fields ready; after that, build you house. - Proverbs 24:27

This verse seems worldly, but it turns out it’s biblical. I imagine parents telling the same thing to their children who are madly in love who are unable to see anything else. A few years ago, I would have sided with the children. "I don’t need anything but love" I would have said, but the truth of the matter I see now is that building a house, having a family requires a lot, not just love. I now see that some people realize this truth at a much earlier age than I did. I used to think that was rotten, but now I see I was naive and unwise. I suppose viewing this verse from a woman’s perspective can also seem worldly, or foxy, or rotten, but there’s no shame in this. More I get to know women, the more I see the differences between men, and some people may that it’s sexist, but I think ignoring the differences is sexist. Things are the way they are, and we all play our parts, and we look for parts that complement.

Application: do QT first thing tomorrow morning, go through all 8 hours of video footage, and clip out useful clips