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QT Proverbs 21:17

November 25, 2015

He who loves pleasure will become poor; whoever loves wine and oil will never be rich. - Proverbs 21:17

This is an interesting verse. It doesn’t explain why, but it just states it. It’s like there’s no room for argument against it as if it’s stating a simple truth, a fact, or a rule. Logically, it seems plausible that loving pleasure will lead one to spend money on pleasure, thereby making the person poor, but no such supporting argument is explicitly made. It also doesn’t explain why whoever loves win and “oil?” will never be rich. It just states it. As if it’s stating the speed of light, or the gravitational constant. Is God saying that HE will make someone poor if he loves pleasure? that He will prevent anyone who loves wine and oil from being rich? Or perhaps this verse isn’t talking about money. Maybe it’s talking about being poor or rich in something else.

Does this mean I should dislike pleasure? Dislike wine and oil? I don’t think so, as long as I don’t love them, I should not become poor, or not be rich because I would like to not be poor, and be rich. I think I can easily say I don’t love wine and I don’t love oil, but pleasure? That’s a tough one.

Yesterday, while working on things for my videos, I was thinking about what makes something or someone fun or funny, and there’s no straight answer. Likewise, what makes something a pleasure or pleasurable depends on the person, and their purpose. The purpose it seems is paramount in everything. Without purpose, or with only a shallow self-purporse, things can’t really be anything but confusing. I know the purpose, yet I so often and so easily forget, and end up confused. There’s so much clutter, and so much things to distract me away from what’s most important. I suppose one of that is pleasure among many other things.

With a clear purpose, things are clear. Without a clear purpose, things are unclear. Reading the bible, and praying at all part of the purpose, in preparation for whatever God may send my way.

Application: finish reading 2 Samuel, pray 20 minutes