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QT Proverbs 21:5

November 24, 2015

The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty. - Proverbs 21:5

This verse is catching my eyes today, as my heart is unsettled by the fact that almost after 2 months of having embarked on a venture to produce videos that will increase sales for my business, and I’ve yet been able to release anything. I’m not trying to perfect anything, but it does have to be at least “good enough” and it’s not even quite there. Things are getting better, and I feel I’m close, but I’m still not quite getting what I’m looking for.

When it comes to doing a lot of things, I tend to go for speed as I tend to think that something is better than nothing, and that things can always be improved later. Getting it out as quickly as possible so that there’s even something to improve is kind of the concept. One that is very applicable in the startup world, and in a lot of things.

So when I’m seeing something quite opposite in a bible verse, which specifically talks about money with words like profit and poverty, I’m wondering if it’s okay that I’ve yet been able to produce the videos I’ve been wanting produce, or maybe I’m just trying to justify my delays producing the video. I don’t know which one it is. There’s only 1 week left before the Christmas season starts, and I should be able to produce the videos in this time, but at the same time, I’ve been estimating that I’d be able to do this in a week for quite a few weeks now.

In any case, I just have to keep at it, and hope that I will get something that good enough to use soon.

Application: start from the beginning again in producing the videos diligently and not hastely, read 3 chapters of samuel, pray 15 minutes