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QT Proverbs 17:16

November 18, 2015

Verse 16: Of what use is money in the hand of a fool, since he has no desire to get wisdom?

What does use money have to do with desire to get wisdom? You can’t buy wisdom, or can you? Maybe not in an actual sense, but perhaps spending money wisely gets you closer to God. That’s certainly true. Where I spend money shows where my heart is. Also, where I spend money, is from my heart, but it also leads my heart. Doing one thing that is selfish leads to another thing that is selfish. Doing one thing that saves lives leads to another thing that saves lives.

Who is a fool? In this verse, a fool is someone who has no desire to get wisdom. And this verse is asking the questions, of what use is money to a fool who has no desire to get wisdom. Literal answer is probably things that satisfy his pleasure, boost his ego, things that are vain that promote vanity, and things the nurture the sinful nature in him. All in which cases, the money is being used to destruction of self.

Yesterday, when I was praying, I prayed to know how I am doing. I’m in a bit of a pickle in some ways, and yet things are going very well in some other ways. I pray that I am doing well. I pray that my relationship with God is the of highest importance in my life always. I pray that I can hate sin instead of letting it.

Application: read 3 chapters, pray 15 minutes