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QT Proverbs 17:5,8,9

November 17, 2015

“He who mocks the poor shows contempt for their Maker; whoever gloats over disaster will not go unpunished.” - Proverbs 17:5

“A bribe is a charm to the one who gives it; wherever he turns, he succeeds.” - Proverbs 17:8

These words are making me think. I encounter homeless people now and then, and I give them some money when they ask for it and I tell them it’s from Jesus as everything I have is from Jesus, but sometimes I don’t have any cash on me, and I just have to walk by saying sorry I don’t have any cash. The other day, I was eating pizza at Spot, and a homeless man came in asking for a dollar. I didn’t have any cash, so I said "sorry I don’t have any cash” but then after he left, I thought I could have given him some pizza, or buy him some food. I was eating a whole medium pizza all by myself. Now, I don’t know to what extent I can keep giving to the homeless, but I have been homeless at one point in my life. I didn’t quite beg on the streets or anything, but I know how cold the world can be sometimes, and I can’t imagine what it must be able to be in a situation where you have to ask for money from strangers, and I think in many ways, that’s a disaster. And there is a sense of thankfulness to God and happiness that I’m not in such a terrible situation and all the things HE is allowing me, but at the same time, I think this thankfulness borders on gloating if my heart is unwilling to share what HE has given me with joy. I have to remember where everything came from and why it came.

I think the verse on bribery is a true one, but also must be kept within safe domain. I don’t think this verse means all bribery of all kinds are okay. I think it’s more about giving first, rather than a contractual bribery of specific exchange of things for certain action. The intent behind the bribery is perhaps more important. To save life, or for self-interest.

Application: do something, even a small thing, if and when God puts homeless person in front of me. Read at least 3 chapters. Pray 15 minutes.