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QT Proverbs 13:20

November 10, 2015

“He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.” - Proverbs 13:20

It’s good to be around people of faith/wisdom. It rubs off. It’s encouraging. And it helps to guide in the right direction in times of trouble whether I know it or not. And the same goes the other way. It’s damaging to be around those without faith/wisdom. It also rubs off. It’s discouraging even when I know I shouldn’t be discouraged by them. It requires a lot of love, and when I’m shaky, I can’t rely on them for support.

However, I can’t just avoid people without faith, and surround myself with people of wisdom. That’s not what Jesus did, or wants. There has to be a balance based on the strength of my faith.

As for my future wife, and for me as a future husband, we both need to be faithful/wise helping each other grow stronger in faith/wisdom. However, this is so hard, both to find someone like this, as well as becoming/being someone like this. It takes three miracles for this to happen. Only God can make these miracles happen.

Application: shoot at least 2 hours of video even I end up throwing everything away