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QT 1 Thessalonians 3:1-13

October 28, 2015

Recently, I’ve been feeling that love is the most difficult thing to do, yet also it is the very thing that God commanded us to do, which pleases him. It is difficult because it demands self-sacrifice. However, it’s not really self-sacrifice, because God is with those who love and loves them even more. I know this, and I try my best to live this way, but I can only do as much as my faith allows. If I stretch myself too much, I may snap and my faith be in worse position than if I let myself loose a little bit now and then. This is balancing act. It could be seen as making a compromise, but I’m not God. I cannot love infinitely like HE does. If I try, that is probably sin itself trying to earn righteousness. I need wisdom in this balancing act.

Application: keep reading John