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QT Ezekiel 24:15-27

October 25, 2015

In today’s QT, God takes away Ezekiel’s delight of his eyes, his wife. Ezekiel, a prophet, who has been speaking the word of the LORD to the people, has to face and endure this tragic moment. Not only this, but God tell him not to mourn. And all of this is it’s His show, show to the rebellious people, show where the point of the show is that, they, the rebellious people will know that HE is the LORD.

From the point of view of Ezekiel, this is just totally not fair, but what can he do? It’s God. HE made Ezekiel to use however HE wishes, so how can the created complain. But suffering is suffering, but perhaps even suffering can be taken as grace of God. It is after all, still better than death and going to hell. And there is a place in heaven for Ezekiel. And after all, HE is with God, which itself happiness enough ultimately. And the delight of his eyes, his wife, was allowed and given to him by God.

As long as I am with the LORD, and I trust in the LORD, there is no suffering that is too much to bear. Ezekiel recognizes that HE is the LORD, and he obeys God is all that God tells him, and though some very difficult things are being asked of him, he does not complain.

I have some things that I’m going through that I feel is tough, but it’s really nothing compared to what God is asking of Ezekiel, and nothing compared to what suffering of Jesus. I could bitch and moan about it, or I could accept it as grace of God. After all, I’m still alive and well, and HE is with me, and I trust in Him, His Goodness, and His plans. It’s just a little thing that I have to endure a little more, and I’m hopeful to see what HE will do next.

Application: trust in the LORD, and be thankful even for the difficult things, stay hopeful, and do QT first thing tomorrow morning before starting working