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QT Ezekiel 24:1-14

October 24, 2015

In today’s QT, God is about to snap his finger and make everything fall. It seems like it’s the final warning before the snap.

I look at my life, and I’m really pushing it in some parts of my life. It’s almost like balancing on a tight rope between two skyscrapers. Must I live like this? Will I fall to the ground before I get to the end? Will God snap the rope before I can get to the end? I don’t know, but whether I fall off the rope, or get off of it on my own, the result is the same. Where my heart is may be different though. Might today’s QT be a final warning for me to get off the rope on my own before He snaps it? If only I can know for certain...

God made me a certain way. One of those things is that I don’t give up. Good or bad may that be, I gotta do what I gotta to live without regrets. God, give me your wisdom for everything that lays before me.

Application: go to NYBC staff meeting