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QT Ezekiel 23:36-49

October 23, 2015

I have been sick past several days, and on Wednesday, there was a crisis situation with my servers that took everything down for about 5 hours. And I realized that everything, absolutely everything, is hanging by the thinnest thread, which is holding everything together, which no one has absolutely any control over. There can be all the redundancies and back ups in the world, but nothing is invulnerable. And this thread can be cut by God in an instant, and absolutely everything will come crashing down to nothing. My life, my family, my business, everything is all being held together by grace of God, despite how underserving I am of it all.

QT throughout Ezekiel is all about God trying stop himself from snapping that thread on everybody. HE could just snap his finger, and all would come crashing down to nothing, but HE doesn’t, and instead continues to tell us to turn from our sinful ways, and recognize that HE is the LORD.

As simple as it sounds to recognize that HE is the LORD, and as easy as it might be to say it, to believe it and to live it is another story.

These days, especially with my body being sick, there’s little voice inside me constantly telling me to be more selfish, take care of myself first, because no one else is taking care of me. But this is far from the truth. Jesus is taking care of me every second of my life, but I keep forgetting. I keep losing focus of the one who is holding everything together with infinite love, and seek to fill the space for His love with other things.

How do I get out of this mentality?

Application: do QT as soon as wake up tomorrow morning