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QT Ezekiel 19:1-14

October 12, 2015

I skipped two days of QT. My priorities must have been shaken. I prioritized working, as well as pleasure over the Word and peace of God. Thanks to some long training of doing QT every day for about past year or so, I sense something is wrong, and am trying to reprioritize my priorities.

Anytime God is not my highest priority, I’m essentially idol worshipping. And this is the thing God hates the most, and like in today’s QT, the fall of all the kings of Israel was caused by idol worshipping, so what a dangerous situation I must be in to have wrong priorities.

I’ve long known that “work” is one of the things that can bubble up to the highest priority, among many other things like relaxing, knowledge, experience, but recently, a conversation with a friend revealed something new that I did not think was a thing that I worshipped, and thing that so many people worship in today’s times. And it’s romantic love.

Though romantic love is a kind of love, and there’s nothing wrong with it as long as it’s priority has not taken a place above God, it was new to me to think that love can be a thing of idol worship. Love like that of Jesus’s love, I’m not sure if it can be idol worshipped because it’s so hard, and actually worshipping the love like that of Jesus’s love would be same as loving God, but it requires so much sacrifice it’s so hard to do, but romantic love is sweet, pleasurable, and fun, but unfortunately like all things that are sweet, it does not last. So, the pursuit is just as strong, and it’s easy to confuse happiness with attaining and being in romantic love. It is one of things I currently lack in my life, and it’s good to have it, and it many ways it’s probably needed in some ways, but worshipping it, thinking that it will make me happy, is just not true, and is hurting God.

Application: finish reading Deuteronomy, and start reading NYBC bible reading