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QT Ezekiel 14:1-11

October 1, 2015

So, today's QT, like past couple weeks of QT on Ezekiel is a constant repeating of calling for breaking of idols and recognizing the LORD. While this is super simple, it's also super hard.

Today, on Facebook, a friend of mine shared:

위로 받기 보다는 위로하고
사랑 받기 보다는 사랑하며
용서 받기 보다는 용서하게 하여 주옵소서
우리는 줌으로써 받고 용서함으로써 받고
자기를 버리고 나아감으로써 영생을 얻기 때문입니다.

And it was what I needed to hear, and I took it as a comforting message from God.

Application: read Deuteronomy throughout the day. Pray for 15 minutes at some point in the day.