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QT Ezekiel 13:1-16

September 29, 2015

In today’s QT, God makes Ezekiel prophesy against false prophets who are prophesying their own will.

It’s impossible for me to completely remove myself from things I do. I’m tied to my body whether I like it or not. There’s always going to be some bias even when I’m saying or doing things with awareness of Jesus standing right next to me. Sometimes, I think saying and doing nothing is the best to prevent my biases to take effect on what I say or do, but then again, doing nothing when something should be done is a sin itself. It’s tough figuring to what I should say and do. Perhaps it’s tough because I’m trying to figure it out on my own, when answers are already all in the Word. If I speak only the things that are written in the bible, and do only the things that are in the bible, perhaps that’s exactly what I need to do. To do that, I need to know the Word truly well.

The other day, I wish I could have shared a verse with someone when they asked me for a tough request that I felt was not very wise. I failed to share the verse, and instead I just accepted, and it tied me to a situation that I did not even need to be in. But I’m thankful because I trust in the LORD and HE will do what HE will do if it is his will, in his time, and if not, then it wasn’t his will, and I love Him even more.

The Word is the answer, the only answer. There’s no other way. It makes no sense, but it also makes perfect sense, and it’s true. Be close with the Word, and God takes care of the rest. It’s so simple, and so easy, but it makes no worldly sense, but it proves itself true every single time. If only I have greater faith to believe this more to practice it more in my life, how wonderful it would be.

Application: read Deuteronomy throughout the day