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QT Ezekiel 12:1-16

September 27, 2015

Some people have eyes to see, but do not see, and have ears to hear, but do not hear, for they are a rebellious people.

I can think of a few people like this, and I can also recall times when I was like this, and today and in the future, I will be like this time to time again and again. This is truly a sad state to be in, and also dangerous.

Yesterday, there was worship seminar by a famous worship leader/pastor, and he shared some wonderful life-awaking, life-awakening things. I love definitions of things because it helps to understand what something really is, and his definition of worship was “meeting God” and that God tells us to worship not because he “needs” worship, but because worship is good for us. It brings back the proper relationship between God and us. And worship isn’t about feeling it. There is feeling in it, but that’s not the point, and we need to choose to worship. Not just when things are good, or things are bad, but always and now. And to worship, to meet God, and even further, to be “used” by God, we have to be clean in our private lives. It’s like using a bowl. We ourselves pick up and use clean bowls in the kitchen for obvious reasons. It’s the same thing, God picks up and uses cleans bowls in His work. If I am a dirty bowl, whatever he pours into me to pour unto others become dirty and wasted. Also, I’m married yet, but marriage is worship, and that we must lead this worship, home is a place of ministry, and to have and be with God between two people keeps us humble. Anywhere we are, if we can imagine that Jesus is sitting next to us, we would abruptly be humble always. The issue is that as much as I want to have this in mind always, I forget. Yet another thing I found valuable takeaway from yesterday’s seminar is that I should greet better. It helps in the ministry of God. If I’m singing in choir in front of church, and someone knows me, it’s more likely that that person will be more interested in listening and receiving grace. It applies to all things in life. I tried to put this to practice today at church, but it was hard. I will have to keep working on this. Lastly, singing in choir, or being part of worship team, it’s about opening the way for the Word and grace, and those who sing has to be aware of this for grace to be released on to them and on to others.

I don’t know why it’s sometimes difficult for me to greet people. I am happy to meet them, but at the same time I don’t know what state they are in. Sometimes they don’t greet back well, maybe that hurts feelings. Or perhaps it’s the state that I’m in, and I’m not very good at faking out a good state. Whatever it is, it’s beneficial for all for me to greet others well, and there’s nothing bad about greeting others well, and most importantly, it helps in being used by God.

Application: greet others well