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QT Ezekiel 10:1-22

September 24, 2015

It’s not about being good. It’s about knowing the truth that HE is the LORD, what that does. I have nothing good in me. I can never truly be good. QT’s on Ezekiel is getting more and more abstract and difficult. Perhaps, not only because the text itself is difficult and abstract, but perhaps I’m letting sin just be in my life, instead of fighting it to the death. Perhaps, I’m just enjoying letting sin win, even though I know it’s really not in the best interest of neither me nor God. Perhaps, I’m taking advantage of grace of Jesus.

There are important things to remember in times like these. God has already won. Ask for and fill myself with the Holy Spirit. Pick up more of God’s work to fill my time with God. And pray to God more often and walk with Jesus everywhere I go.

I am not well. I don’t have a way. All I can do is to rely on the one who has lead me so far. God. I’m sorry. Please lead me.

Application: read the word throughout the day, pray little by little throughout the day