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QT Ezekiel 5:1-17

September 18, 2015

QT recently have been about repenting, and I prayed yesterday trying to think of all the wrongs I have been doing, and this morning at morning prayer, I was thinking again, and I’m happy that God has not only forgiven my sins, but also pushed a lot of them out of my life, but I realized that there is still one thing that is there, and that is thoughts, sin of the eye. This doesn’t show anywhere to anyone else, and even to me, but it’s in my mind, and I’ve kind of been just letting it happen thinking I really can’t do much about it. But recently, I had dinner with some friends, and I found myself telling someone that a thought comes to her, she just speaks it out, and that’s a good thing and a bad thing, but that not everyone has some of thoughts in the first place. I think same thing can be said about my thoughts that I’m shameful of, that it’s not something that I can’t do anything about, and one day with prayer with practice, this took will be taken out of my life. I repented of this this morning, but I found myself thinking like that again, and it’s sad because it means I haven’t truly repented. Repent mean to turn around and go the other way. It doesn’t mean just saying sorry to God. It means saying sorry, and turning around, and going the other way, letting go of the old ways.

Application: keep watch on my thoughts