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QT Ezekiel 3:16-27

September 16, 2015

Today’s QT is difficult. God called Ezekiel to be watchman for the house of Israel. He was told he must let those know who are doing wrong that they are doing wrong, and that otherwise, God will hold him accountable for their fall.

I think I have to remember that these verses are in the context of the old testament, and that this command is specifically for Ezekiel who has been called to be watchman for the house of Israel. In the new testament, Jesus says things that go both against and for this command to all Christians. It really depends not he situation what one must do, and it is really up to the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

I had an interesting encounter last night. Without getting into specific details, I held my ground against some pressures to do something that I was not right in the eyes of the LORD, and I’m happy that I resisted and did not do the thing that would have made Jesus sad. And everyone had a better time. I didn’t go far as rebuking anyone as today’s QT is suggesting that Ezekiel should do, but I think God was happy with me standing my ground with Him. God is amazing.

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