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QT Ezekiel 3:1-15

September 15, 2015

I have come to know the sweet taste of the Word, just has Ezekiel in today’s QT. The calling of those who know this sweetness is to pass on the Word to those who do not know this sweetness.

Verse 11 “whether they listen or fail to listen”

I can’t help, but to think about my father who does not have faith in Jesus Christ. I’ve tried to tell him the truth about Jesus in the past and gave up. There’s no logical way to convince him of the truth. It is faith, a gift from God. He’s planning to come sometime in October, and this will be time for me do something, and today’s Word makes me think it starts today with my prayers leading up to that time.

Application: start praying every day for God’s Word to take place in my father’s heart during his travel here in October