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QT Philippians 3:12-21

September 8, 2015

Today’s QT is full of good stuff. Just as I read it today’s morning prayer, it spoke to me in a way that is different than when I heard someone share their QT in morning prayer, which also spoke to me. And now as I start to do my QT, I saw yet someone else’s QT that also spoke to me.

What I felt when I read verse 13 was that whatever work I have done for Jesus, I should forget about it and focus on what’s more ahead. When helping someone, there’s a small evil voice in my head that says “I’ve done enough for this person. This person doesn’t help me, and doesn’t even try to make it easy for me to help this person. What am I doing?” But Jesus tells me to forgive infinitely, for he forgives me infinitely. He helps me infinitely. And today’s Word is telling me it doesn’t matter how much I’ve helped this person in the past, or how much work I’ve done for God in the past. Focus on how I can help in the future. Sure, there’s going to be nothing in return from this person, but that’s not why I’m helping anyways. It’s for the glory of the LORD, and there will be reward from the LORD. One reward off the bat is it makes me stronger in Him. Keeping track of all the things I’ve done only gets in the way of doing more. It’s not even me who did it anyways, and it’s not even me who will be doing it. But of course, I’m in the flesh, and things are limited. I should do only as much as I”m happy to do. Developing negative feelings is not good for anyone.

Application: prepare and give everything needed for 2014 corporate tax to my accountant