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QT Philippians 2:12-18

September 5, 2015

My heart is hurt and troubled. As much as I want to focus on Jesus, and want to treat others like Jesus treats me, there are people I’m careful to be even around for things they say are difficult. They don’t mean any harm by it. They just don’t know what they’re doing. And I cannot do anything about it, for if I were to argue, it would be of no good for the gospel. So I must just lose for the gospel, but hope from Jesus. I need to focus on what Jesus has done, is doing, and will do. There is no one else who can help me. There is no one better who can help me.

I’m reminded how important it is to be careful with words. Words go out of my mouth, and they cannot be taken back. Words can bring joy as well as… Words can save as well as kill.

I’m also reminded of how I absolutely must not judge. To judge someone is to foolishly and pridefully assume that I can know everything about a person, and that is not only disrespect of that person, but also one of the most serious sin against God. It prepares and cooks the words inside that go out and kill.

I have to repent for all the people I hurt with my words in the past, and be thankful for all the people I must lose to for the gospel. And I must be spiritually awake as to not let the evil one act in me to let me hurt others with my words, silence, actions, and inactions.

Application: carry a note that says “Jesus love” and constantly remind myself of His love all day