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QT Proverbs 5:1-23

August 25, 2015

Today’s QT basically advises not to fall for adulteress, but rather love one’s own wife. But since I don’t have a wife, what it’s telling me is that I should find a wife of my own and love my wife, rather than loving someone who may become someone else’s wife.

I have been in two relationships in my life. One before I believed in Jesus, and one after I believed in Jesus. I do not regret having been in either of these relationships because I may not be who I am now. In my first relationship, I was young and stupid, and I really didn’t know what the hell I was doing, especially since I didn’t believe in the Word. Then when I believed in the Word, and got into a relationship with another Christian, I thought that it would go all the way to marriage, but I underestimated how much worldly situations can impact a relationship. I used to think less of those people who would look at worldly situations before instead of just purely looking at love, but now I think that both has to be there.

The important thing is that it’s important to find one to love to the end, and to love that person and that person only to the end. If I love a girlfriend, and she does not become my wife, then I have wasted the love I could have invested into the one who will be my wife. I suppose the time, energy, and resources I have put into the relationships I had before that did not end in marriage are the cost I paid to learn, but now I want to start investing my love to the one who will be my wife, and not someone who may become wife of another man.

Application: pray for wife