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QT Proverbs 4:10-27

August 24, 2015

There are things I used to not know, that I now know, and live every day. Today, I tried to pass on some of these truths to someone, but they didn’t come to mind right away, but since then, some of them have come to mind. I write them in hopes that I don’t forget them, and that God will reveal to them some of these truths in the few words that I write them down.

God loves me, so much more than I know. He has loved me so much already, and He will always love me so much. None of this is based on what I’ve done, but it’s based on who I am: His creation. And He loves all of us equally in this way, and we all deserve to be loved, and was born to be loved, and to love God first and foremost, and each other.

Someone asked me, isn't doing God’s work hard? Aren’t you tired? Are others doing the same amount of work as you? They ask these things because they do not understand why they live, and who they are. My question for them would be, who are you? And why do you live? The work that I do, which really isn’t much, which isn’t even me doing it, which God never even gives me more than I can handle, is not even really work. It’s life, and it’s ways in which God is blessing me and loving me. To think that it’s some tiresome work that I do not want to do is the twisted truth Satan wants me to believe, but I know better than that now. When God is giving me work, he’s not really making me work, he’s blessing me with life worthy of Him, pleasing to Him, preparing to bless me even more. To not understand this truth is to cut myself short from all the ways in which God wants to love me.

To not understand these truths would be like walking in darkness, stumbling on things, without even knowing what I’m stumbling on. God has revealed these truths to me, and I’m so happy that He did, and I look forward to seeing what HE will do next.

Application: go to morning prayer, make my second youtube video based on this qt