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QT Proverbs 1:20-33

August 18, 2015

Follow the LORD’s way, and there’s peace and security. Follow my own foolish ways, and there’s calamity, disaster, distress and trouble. This isn’t because God hates me, but it’s because these are the consequences of my own ways. God is trying to help me avoid it if I would only listen. If I would only follow his ways wholeheartedly, how much more he would bless me through his path.

Judging others in my head is such a sudden thing, and it’s so difficult to catch. God told me not to judge, but to love, but it just happens so quickly all in my head sometimes. And even though I might not be saying anything judgemental, sometimes, it’s difficult to hide how I feel about some situations from my face. And if I judge, I too will be judged.

I wonder though if staying silent, or rebuking, and/or loving, and/or praying, and/or giving them the WORD are the right way to go to help someone stay or find their way back onto the LORD’s way. I think it depends too much on each individual circumstances to come to any conclusion as to what I should do. All I can rely on is that I stay awake spiritually, and let the Spirit lead me, and do things only out of love.

Another thing I have to wonder is if judging someone in my head is a bad thing or not, and I think it’s a bad thing still. I think it’s important to know that something is wrong with someone, but to pass judgement on them is a different thing. Knowledge of what’s right and wrong based on the WORD is a knowledge that can be used to love someone, where as knowing that something is wrong, and passing judgement on them is taking the place of God. God is able to judge because he is all-knowing. I’m not all-knowing. I’m so far from all-knowing that I literally know nothing compared to God. And for me to pass judgement with such little information about someone is a foolishness.

In the end, all I really can and should do is to pass on the WORD and pray, and the let the WORD do the rest. Everything else just may be clutter.

Application: pray on and during all occasions, do not pass any judgements not even in my head, but only know for myself that some things are wrong or dangerous