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QT Proverbs 1:1-19

August 17, 2015

Today, we start QT on proverbs. The first verses explain what proverbs is, and it’s pretty explicit guide to every day life between people, explaining how things are between various types of people, what to avoid, what to cherish, to make it easier to live a life pleasing to God, which is also the life that’s best for me.

The first advice given in proverbs is don’t do bad things with those who ask you to do bad things with them. It’s pretty obvious and simple idea, but surprisingly it happens. When I was very young like in 2nd or 3rd grade elementary school, someone I knew said let’s go steal something from the small corner store, and I did without even thinking about it. Later on, he threatened to reveal all of it, and wanted me to do things for him. Such experience taught me not to get into that kind of situations. However, I think there are other types of similar things that have happened, for example not necessarily breaking rules, but bending them. When someone I know asks a favor from me that bends the rules, or that is stretching the truth, it’s difficult to decide whether to help them, or to maintain integrity. I myself have asked others to bend rules for me for various reasons in my times of desperation, and I’d want to them to do the same for me, and it’s always difficult to refuse. I should say no, but I have said yes before, and I really should strictly say no from now on.

Application: pray before, during, and after for all occasions today