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QT Ephesians 6:18-24

August 16, 2015

Yesterday’s QT calls for us to go to war, not on sins of our own flesh and blood, but against other people. This is basically spreading the gospel to those who are still trapped in the world, or helping those who have become free, as well as helping those who have become free to stay free. Of course, I think that the battle against my own flesh and blood must be under His rule first, and I’m thankful that this battle against my own flesh and blood is under His rule.

In today’s QT, Pauls calls for praying in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests, while also always keep praying for the saints. “All occasions” stood out to me, and "praying for of the saints" stood out to me. I pray in the morning after I wake up, at night before I go to sleep, and sometimes randomly during the day, and before meals. It’s a lot of praying, but it’s not “all occasions.” For example, I don’t pray to go help someone, or have lunch, or coffee, and there’s no time to pray when things come my way in real-time unexpectedly. I can see the benefit from praying on “all occasions” though. There’s just so many ways Satan can creak into my thoughts and twist things, and praying on “all occasions” just keep me that much more awake, and it will help me make each of those occasions count more. For example, when I was camping, and cleaning up after things when it was time to leave, everyone was tired from the night before, and some people are sleazing out on the work. I myself kind to avoid the work as well myself, but I could see how some people might get into arguments in that type of situation where everyone’s just tired and groggy and there’s a lot of work that should be shared, but is only getting done by a few, while others are just standing around. But the truth is it’s those who are awake both physically and spiritually who has to serve thankful in those types of situations, and praying on all occasions is exactly the way to be able to do that.

When I prayed this morning, I skipped to “pray for the saints” or more like briefly glossed over it. I think praying for saints basically means to pray for others, and it’s kind of a major part of a wholesome prayer. Kind of like eating a 3 course meal, but only eating the appetizer, and the dessert, and skipping the main course.

Application: pray before all occasions, pray for others in tonight’s prayer