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QT Ephesians 5:22-33

August 13, 2015

I think marriage is one of the greatest blessings from the LORD. I want to be in a beautiful marriage, and today’s QT lays out what kind of marriage God intends for us.

First, there’s a profound analogy between the marriage between Christ and Church, and marriage between Husband and Wife. Verses 25 through 29 lays down the commands I must follow as a husband to my future wife. It’s to love her as my own body, feeding it and caring for it, just as Christ loves the church his own body, giving himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her through the Word, and presenting her to himself as holy and blameless, even with all the stain, or wrinkle, or any other blemish, just as Christ covers me with his blood sacrifice to consider me holy and blameless despite all my stains, wrinkles, and flaws.

The analogy is so amazing. It makes perfect and beautiful sense. This is a much deeper and refined understanding of marriage as God intended than what I had before. One of the only insights I had prior to today’s QT was that husband should love wife, not only because the wife is lovable, but because she is his wife, and same goes for the wife loving the husband. It’s not only about the “love feeling” one has for another, but once married, God commands the married to love each other, not only because of the “feeling of love” is already there, but “because" they are each other’s husband and wife.

Another important thing is "sex before marriage.” Blessings from marriage as God intended cannot be received fully if I have sex before getting married. It’s a holy and beautiful union between two people before God, a taste of what’s to come in heaven, but having it before the time God intends has consequences. What’s supposed to be a holy and beautiful bonding act of love and union becomes a shameful act of lust that breaks trust between the couple. It’s a blessing that’s been taken away by Satan’s temptations to prevent and taint future blessings to come from the LORD through the marriage. It’s like trying to start a beautiful thing by murdering someone, or buttoning the buttons of a shirt but starting with the wrong button.

Application: pray for marriage 30 minutes at noon