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QT Ephesians 5:1-14

August 11, 2015

There are many reasons to fight sin. For one, sin puts up a wall between God and me, and puts a distance between God and me. Second, sin as it separates me from God, it leads to death, and darkness. But the reason today’s QT is pointing to is because of love. We are to love God and to love others just as Jesus loved us through His sacrifice; The love that allows us to repent and break down the walls that sin builds between God and us, and closes the gap between God and us. We cannot love others as Jesus did if there is sin in us. And today’s QT is saying that this is the best motivation for us to fight sin.

This is reminds me of “Organizing Change” class I took in my MBA program. It was taught and demonstrated in class that to bring about change, whether it’s within an individual, or companies of people, or even nations, it’s better to lead change with the thing that you’re best at rather than trying to fix things that are broken. This is because by fixing things that are broken, the most you are shooting for is a mediocre state of not having problems. This is uninspiring and mediocre at best. However, when you leverage your strength, and excel at it, and make it the best, it overcomes other problems, or makes other problems minor, and it’s inspiring to strive for higher things.

Fighting sin just to remove the problem of fighting is like striving for that mediocre state of not having problems. Fighting sin so that you can love others is like striving for that higher thing to be great at something. And it’s motivating and inspiring to be great at something, rather than to not have problems.

So far in my life, I fought sin because I didn’t want to die from sin. I learned how deadly sins can be, and what it does to my relationship with God. And I fought just because it was told to me through the Word, and I’m happy to say I’m currently winning the fight for the most part through the power of Jesus. Now, it’s good not to have any seriously life-threatening sins in my life, but it’s not about just not having problems. It’s really just mediocre without love. Loving is a consuming thing. It requires sacrifice of many forms. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice of his own life. But I know that whatever is consumed to love others, God will refill even more. Jesus consumed his life to love, and God brought back to him life and even more.

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