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QT Ephesians 4:25-32

August 10, 2015

Today I started my day with 22 minutes of prayer as part of yesterdays' QT application of praying for 25 minutes. I did quickly check email and Facebook on my phone before I started praying, but I prayed before I got out of bed. It was awesome. Then, I read through my fellow brothers and sisters’ QT’s, and I’m so happy to see how so many are striving to keep the Word close to them, and get closer to Jesus, and it’s such a blessing to read and see how God is working is their lives.

I think today’s QT is about encouragement in church. There’s youth group that I want to encourage to keep the blessings they received in their mission trip, and there’s the group of QT members to help them keep keeping the Word close to them, and my mokjang members, as well as a few who are struggling to help them out of their funk.

Application: figure out ways to encourage those I want to encourage, and encourage them