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QT Ephesians 1:15-23

August 2, 2015

Computers are one of the greatest tools humans have invented, however it seems there’s even a greater tool which God has given humans, and it’s prayers. In today’s QT, Paul’s words to Ephesians show his view of prayers, and the power it has bestowed on those who believe. I’ve often heard that prayer is the only means of grace, and today’s verses seem are telling me the same thing today.

I look at how I pray, and sometimes I follow the format I’ve been taught, which is to praise, repent, thank, praying for others, and praying for myself. Praising helps me to remind me what HE is capable of, and who I’m praying to, and repentance straightens any crookedness in my relationship with God. And I thank Him for all that he’s done, most importantly allowing this relationship to exist, as well as all that HE has in plan for his glory. Then I start praying for those souls around me who I sense need my prayers the most. Finally, let go of my own prayers for myself before him, and ask for his will to be done in his time. Then I feel free and light from my own trappings of my desires, and feel hopeful in His goodness for those who believe in Him. Then I try to see how HE responds.

So, why is it that I pray? That’s a question I haven’t explicitly asked myself, but know in general. For one, I pray because it’s the great tool I have. But then what is it for? It’s for a lot of things, but overall to receive God’s love, so that I can be overflowing with His love to be able to pass on His love to others.

Loving is hard though, but perhaps it’s hard when I try to love other myself instead of just letting Him love others through me.

Application: buy someone something today, finish Genesis, and pray for 20 minutes at some point today