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QT 2 Kings 25:18-30

July 31, 2015

In today’s QT, for unexplained reason, the new king of Babylon Evil-Merodach treats the captive king of Judah Jehoiachin well, after 37 years of exile. He’s even given allowance for as long as he lived. How miserable and difficult life must have been for the 37 years he was in prison. God finally gives him a little break.

I just have to trust in the LORD. Things outside of me may not be what I hope them to be, but It trust that whether God lets it turn out the day I hope, or leads me in the direction he sees best fit for me, I trust in His love for me. As part my QT application yesterday, I tried to write down what Jesus’s sacrifice and resurrection means to me, and there are many, but in the end, it came down to one thing, and it’s that He love me.

Application: catch up with yoon up to genesis 43 from genesis 34 throughout the day