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QT 2 Kings 23:21-30

July 27, 2015

In today’s QT, despite Josiah having destroyed most all the idolatry and even coming to celebrate the Passover again for the first time since the kings of Israel and Judah, the LORD’s anger did not turn away from Judah. And as LORD promised, Josiah does not see the destruction of Judah as he dies today in battle with Pharaoh Neco of Egypt. His son Jehoahaz, succeeds him as king.

Couple interesting things that come to mind in todays’ QT are the fact that people made kings. God actually never wanted kings for his people in the beginning, but HE gave them a king for people asked for one so badly. And many kings have lead the people astray. In today’s QT, people makes son of Josiah king. It’s interesting how they made him king.

Another thing is how God’s anger did not turn away from Judah even after Josiah’s heart turned to the LORD as he did with all his heart, soul, and strength and helped Judah recover so much. I want God to forgive Judah in today’s QT like he does for today’s people in Jesus’s time through the sacrifice and grace of the LORD.

Looking at my life, I see how past sins, even though, forgiven ultimately, can have a lasting impact. That’s the seriousness of sin, and that’s why God wants me to avoid for my own good. But God is even more powerful than that in that once the pain the suffering of sins have been overcome and healed, he uses them for good. But all in all, it’s better not to suffer from sins. And to do that, the only way is to stay awake spiritually, and not let sin through the cracks. The sad thing is I am full of cracks, and I’m probably not even aware of some cracks, there may even be big holes that I’m not even aware of, where I may not have enough faith to do what I should. That’s quite discouraging in a way, and in the past, I used to think, if I cannot be 100%, why do it at all, but now I know that 2% working towards 100% is still better giving up and going to 0%.

Application: clean apartment, pray for 15 minutes at noon