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QT 2 Kings 23:1-9

July 25, 2015

In today’s QT Josiah spreads the words of the Book of the Covenant to all people within his reach. He renewed the covenant leading other people to also pledge themselves to the covenant. He destroyed idols, and removed sexual immorality. All in all, he cleans the house.

This was before Jesus, and the sad thing here is the even though Josiah remembered the covenant, cleaned the nation of its idol worship and sexual immorality for the people, they are going to forget and fall again. This is why Jesus had to come suffer in our place, so that we are to saved from God by God through grace and faith alone. Only when we are free in this way, are we able to fall less and push ourselves back up even when we fall.

Also, what Josiah does today is good in that in yesterday’s QT, the LORD told him that his people will be destroyed, but that he will be saved from seeing the destruction in his lifetime. Josiah could have done nothing after hearing this, saying to himself, he himself has been saved from such calamity, so he’s fine. But instead, he spreads the Word of God to his people and leads in renewing the covenant with God, and leads in removing idol worship and sexual immorality which plagued his people. This is pretty awesome of him.

Looking at my life, I have been entrenched in sin in the past, but Jesus has set me free, but not only that, he gave me a way to become free again and again even when I fall again because there are so many ways to fall. All I need to do is truly repent. And to repent doesn’t mean to just say I’m sorry, but really to turn myself around. He continues to work in me to help me be all that he wants me to be.

Application: look around