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QT 2 Kings 22:12-20

July 24, 2015

In today’s QT, Josiah inquires Hilkiah the priest about the Book of the Law. Hilkiah then goes to inquire prophetess Huldah about it, and the LORD says through Huldah that disaster will fall upon all of Judah because of HIS anger. However, he will let Josiah die in peace before HE sees these disasters for Josiah’s heart was soft and repented when the Word of the LORD came to him.

Couple things come to mind. First seeing how Josiah inquired the priest, and how the priest inquired prophetess interesting and important in that he didn’t try to figure it out on his own or thought that he knew all about it already. He was humble. Second thing is how the LORD saved Josiah from seeing all the disasters that will fall upon the people of Judah. The LORD looked favorably on Josiah’s heart and saved him from much pain.

I don’t know how God works. I don’t know what HE will do next. I just pray that HE looks favorably on my heart as HE did for Josiah and not all the flaws and problems I have, and I pray that my heart is in a state in which HE will look favorably. To guard my heart is the battle I must fight each day with the help of the Word, and everything else is under HIS power. The only thing HE does not control is my heart, for if HE did, it would be meaningless.

Application: read random pages of Proverbs at random times throughout the day