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QT 2 Kings 21:10-26

July 22, 2015

In today’s QT, God sends his message through his servants the prophets. HE rebukes Manasseh for having done so much wrong. I wonder though if this message is yet again a call to repent. If HE was to destroy them, he does not necessarily need to announce that HE’s going to destroy them. HE can just destroy them, but perhaps in announcing what HE’s going to do, HE hopes to turn around the hearts of these people. In the end, sadly, their hearts do not turn around, and they are destroyed.

I do not want to be destroyed like that. I want to turn around if that is what HE wants, but I don’t know that that is in fact what HE wants or not. I know what I want. Perhaps that’s still better than not even knowing what I want. That’s not to say I do not care or do not want to know what HE wants. I don’t know, but perhaps it doesn’t matter if I know or not. I trust in Jesus.

Why? is a funny question. The only answer that exist for the question seems to be God. You could go on to ask God why? But I would lack the capacity to understand any meaning answer HE might give anyways.

Application: ask myself some questions