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QT 2 Kings 20:12-21

July 20, 2015

I went to sleep late last night after bowling, but somehow I just automatically woke up for 5:40 for morning prayer. This is kind of annoying, yet an interesting blessing that I can do QT this early in the day as there’s no morning prayer today. I will pray by myself after this.

In today’s QT, the recovered Hezekiah shows pride in all his treasures in his palace to messengers from Babylon. The LORD then tells Hezekiah through Isaiah that all his riches will be taken away by Babylon, and that some of his descendants will serve Babylon as eunuchs. Yet, Hezekiah is fine with this in that at least there will be peace and prosperity in the 15 years that he has. This is the selfishness of him, and the limit of him.

Pride before the fall they say. God has blessed me in many ways. Although I’m in some very tough situation in some aspect of my life, I’m also in a great situation in many other aspects of my life. I pray that they don't turn into pride that brings about my downfall. Perhaps it’s for this reasons my LORD is keeping me in a tough situation so that I don’t let go of him, and remember who’s really in control.

Application: restart reading proverbs 31