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QT 2 Kings 19:14-28

July 17, 2015

I already read the contents of today’s QT on Tuesday, so I’m not seeing anything new form a plot point of view, but these passages remind me again the importance of prayers. I think there is some benefit/cons of morning prayers. I’ve been going to all the morning prayers past couple of weeks, it’s good in many ways for many obvious reasons, but also there’s a little downside that I don’t pray by myself on my own as much because I’m going to morning prayer. Praying at morning prayer, and praying by myself is similar, but also a little different. There seems to be more fellowship involved in going to morning prayer, and there seems to be a little more intimacy directly with God in prayer by myself. I really should do both, instead of saying, since I’m praying at morning prayer, I don’t need to pray by myself.

Application: pray before preparing for mokjang