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QT 2 Kings 16:10-20

July 8, 2015

In today’s QT, king Ahaz builds a new big alter for worshipping idols copied from the alter at Damascus. He even takes the alter of the LORD and puts it there, and moves the offerings that used to go to the LORD to this new false alter. The chief priest Uriah doesn’t object to any of these abomination. Then he dies, and is buried with his fathers in the City of David.

God could just set afire all these people, yet he still spares them and the promise he made to David is kept. That’s his grace.

The Word is so important. God is graceful. He’s doing everything he can to save us without taking away who we are. And in fact, we have been saved from his wrath through faith in Jesus. However, as people of flesh and body in this world, and as sin continues to enslave us to its ways, the only to be free is to eat the Word. There is simply no other way. Without eating the Word daily, we will quickly get enslaved and dragged around by sin, and we will be like Ahaz and its people.

Application: continue reading Revelations